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We like to make the rental application process easy and stress free, so to get qualified to lease one of our homes, you’ll need to get some basic documents gathered and follow the process outlined below.

Our homes are advertised online through our online property management software called Appfolio, as well as on this website (posted link on Available Homes to rent and also syndicated to apartment rental websites).

Appfolio publishes our rentals and Open Houses on real estate rental websites, such as Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow, Hotpads etc. From these ads you can create a "Guest Card" and then tour one of our Open Houses where you can meet us and ask questions. Once you’ve toured and selected the home you would like to rent, you will then complete our online rental application form through your Guest Card application. This will put all of your contact information, employment history and references in one place for us.  

At the conclusion of your online rental application, you will electronically pay the $30.00 Application Fee, charged for each applicant.

In order to submit a complete application online, we’ll also need you to gather and provide us with PDF copies of the following documents, which can be uploaded to Appfolio:

> Online Appfolio Rental Application - completed and signed

> 6 months pay stubs per applicant (if employed)

> 2 Years Tax Returns per applicant (if self-employed)

> Prior Landlord references

> Employment references

> Current Credit & FICO Report per applicant

> Copy Drivers License per applicant

If you do not have a recent full and current Credit Report with FICO score from Transunion, Equifax or Experian, we recommend that you obtain a copy from resources such as:


Our review process is quick and simple, and always respectful. Once we have internally reviewed and approved an applicant, we will obtain an independent background check through Landlord Station at our own cost, and will send you their report for your files.  


We review every application with individuality, great sensitivity and absolute confidentiality, but any applicant without sufficient household income, insufficient FICO scores, a prior felony, eviction, state/federal lien or bankruptcy, may not qualify.  


We are often asked "What do we need to successfully qualify?" so here are some of the basic approval criteria to get qualified:


  • Total household monthly NET income must be at least 3x monthly rent.

  • We do not count SSI payments, disability payments, or alimony as income.

  • Strong employment references.

  • Strong landlord references.

  • No evictions on record.

  • FICO of 650+

  • No accounts in collections.

  • Any bankruptcy must be at least 5 years old and discharged.

  • Prior foreclosures/short sales are acceptable.


Please contact us as soon as you are ready to lease a new home, and we’ll show you some great homes with a simple qualification process.

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What we love...


  • Finding a house with good ‘bones’ that we can renovate into a warm and inviting home.

  • Selecting modern finishes and fixtures to bring a sparkle into older homes. 

  • Improving not just homes, but also neighborhoods.

  • Finding great tenants and connecting them with the best possible home.

  • Making the rental application quick and easy, simple and respectful.

  • Providing a supportive, convenient and online property management program for our tenants.

  • Providing an online electronic portal for tenants to easily pay their monthly rent.

  • Helping military families settle into not only a new location, but also a new home.



Please be vigilant online. There are scam artists who steal our online listings and re-post them with the hope that you will send them money -- usually overseas, such as to a missionary in West Africa, etc. Use your common sense and don't send money to someone you have not talked to, met in person, or toured with at the property.



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